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A Priest in the Wilderness
by Mr I M DeRose

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The story of a Catholic priest from the Netherlands on his lifelong quest to become a missionary to China. With unyielding determination, Father Ludo pursued his dream through the battlefields of Europe during WWII and straight into the face of China's "Cultural Revolution" where is was not a good place to be a Westerner - especially a Catholic priest. Chased out of China under duress from communist radicals who pursued Fr Ludo onto the runway where a military transport awaited the gentle priest under a hail of enemy fire. Fr Ludo accepted his fate into turbulent skies over China with the same nonchalance he would display in donning his priestly vestments. From trekking across Europe and the Stepps of Mongolia to occupying a rectory in Canada - a drafty lean-to affixed to the side of an unfinished structure in -50 F weather and facing down heavily armed Penitentes of New Mexico, Father Ludo faced incredible challenges, not the least of which coming from The Church itself. Through all the adversity this man of simple faith encountered Fr Ludo stood like a rock against despondency, even as the chronic pain of migraine headaches robbed him of sleep. Fr Ludo's only respite from debilitating pain was adventuring in the Great Outdoors close to Nature, which he pursued with a passion. Under attack from his bishop and peers, Father Ludo never lost faith, though on the several occasions he pondered, "is this really part of the bargain" his inner voice insisted, "I made a vow, and I will stick to it for better or worse." From the age of 13 until his death at 96, Fr Ludo never wavered from the path that he had chosen at such a young age. Father Ludo was a man of great faith. One has to believe when navigating some of the most treacherous waterways in the world, like the Mackenzie River in Ca



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